Next Level Autocorrect Stupid

My phone’s autocorrect is reaching a new level of stupid– now it is autocorrecting my words with combinations of words and letters that have no meaning at all.

Like when I tried to write “lobster” and it turned it into “liah i.”   HUH?   What would “liah i” mean to me later, if I had said yes to this autocorrect nonsense?

This goes way beyond “fucking being turned into ducking.”  Which, if you still have this problem, the workaround for it is to make a new contact called “FUCKING FUCK” and save it, so your phone thinks “fucking” is a person and leaves you alone about it.

Autocorrect is also waging a subtle war to make me look stupid.  It will slyly change the word “actually” to “actuary,” which it must know makes zero sense.